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10 Things to Know Before a Hot Air Balloon Flight in Dubai - Dubai Ballooning
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10 Things to Know Before a Hot Air Balloon Flight in Dubai

What could be more exciting than flying through the desert on a flying carpet? In Dubai, hot air balloon rides aren’t quite the same, but they’re still incredible. Simply put, the view from a height of several hundred meters is breathtaking. If you’re lucky, you could catch a glimpse of a group of grazing gazelles below.

Ballooning in the sky if you’re planning a Hot Air Balloon Tour in Dubai, don’t miss the opportunity to fly above Dubai. Maintain a flexible attitude toward your timetable. Breakfast, desert excursions, or even a trained falcon flying through the sky with you may all get included in the package you choose. Things you need to know before a hot air balloon flight to Dubai:

Hot Air Balloon Tour Dubai

  • Put on a suit and tie.

Feel sensible about your choice of attire; you don’t want to be stressed out and nervous while on the journey if you’re wearing a “dress to kill” outfit! Even though the vast flame of the burner will keep you warm, once you are above the clouds, you may start to get cold, so it is best to dress in layers. Wearing the proper footwear and a helmet is also essential.

  • You’re going on an expedition, so pack light.

As if Hot Air Balloon Tour in Dubai wasn’t enough of an adventure, you’ll also need to pack carefully for it! You’ll need to carry a light for the voyage because the balloon basket’s speed is limited. Instead of bringing a complete picnic for the journey, you should only get the bare necessities. When travelling, pack a passport because you never know where you’ll end yourself.

  • Respect your schedule and arrive on time

Be careful to arrive at your hotel well before the time agreed upon for the driver to take you up! Be on time. Otherwise, you risk missing out on the entire event.

  • Use the restroom before the ride

Use restroom shortly before you arrive as well. After the hot air balloon flight, the first place to use the bathroom is at the brunch restaurant.

  • Do not wear anything too tight.

If the desert is cold in the morning, wear light-coloured, loose clothing to keep you warm. You can wear sandals, even flip-flops, as long as they don’t fall off your feet. You will breathe more easily if it becomes too hot.

  • Be prepared for every eventuality, including changes in the weather

Naturally, adverse weather can occur. That is something that’s always kept an eye on, and in inclement weather, the hot air balloon journey is postponed or wholly reimbursed.

  • Do booking in advance

Book your hot air balloon flight in Dubai well in advance online to ensure your favorite day.

  • Keep your camera safe

You ensure your camera doesn’t fall out of the basket by attaching it to a strap.

  • Be safe

For safety concerns, children under the age of five and pregnant women are not allowed on hot air ballooning tours in Dubai.

  • Thrilling experience

A romantic and thrilling experience, a Hot Air Balloon Tour in Dubai, is a must-do for everyone.


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